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INDUSTRY 4.0 – Digital Transformation on the Shop Floor

Industry 4.0, considered the new industrial revolution, is already a reality for many companies and Exed Consulting wants to let you in on the subject.

Unlike other industrial revolutions, Industry 4.0 is being promulgated before and during its event by researchers and the market. Germany is considered, by many researchers, the cradle of this revolution that began with the process of digitization of industrial operations.

It is already a reality in many companies in Brazil and abroad in its 4 pillars and many organizations are already carrying out initiatives and pilots to evaluate applications and measure the business benefits.

Exed Consulting today supports companies like Aché Laboratórios, where we are modeling and designing the entire digital manufacturing architecture already in the molds of Industry 4.0, that is, bringing this global innovation in a pragmatic and direct way to our Brazilian industry reality.

Industry 4.0 is also called Industrial Internet, Advanced Manufacturing, Integrated Industry, Smart Industry and/or Smart Manufacturing by government institutions, academia and companies.

Its central concept is the integration of the supply chain of companies, communicating the supply, production, storage and distribution systems, as well as the machinery and equipment involved in the form of Physical-Cybernetic Systems (CPS – Cyber-Physical Systems).

This integration is based on the communication of these systems (supplies, production, storage and distribution) and physical devices (machinery and equipment) through what is conventionally called the Internet of Things (IoT – Internet of Things), allied to technology at the processing large volumes of information in real time (Big-data), pattern recognition algorithms and autonomous decision making (Machine Learning), as well as storage, integration and processing of information on the internet (Cloud Computing).

Two other technologies, considered components in this context, is Machine-to-Machine Communication (M2M – Machine-to-Machine Communication) which is an enabling element of IoT, as well as Intelligent Products (Smart Products) which can be considered a sub – CPS component.

All these technologies are not new, and even all of them have famous cases such as Nespresso with Smart Products, among others.

However, their massive application in the integrated operation of the companies’ global business network and material flow is something new.

What we have seen in the market, and it is very coherent, are strategic initiatives of application and use of these technologies in pilot projects, promoting the development of organizational and technological maturity in a progressive way, building the mosaic of Industry 4.0 in organizations.

Does your organization want to develop a holistic architecture for digital manufacturing, in line with the possibilities of Industry 4.0? Do you want to start a pilot in your area to expand and prove the effectiveness of these concepts in your company?

Count on our Digital Manufacturing team that today supports 9 of the 20 largest companies in Brazil in initiatives of this nature!