Supply Chain Planning

With the adoption of integrated digital supply chain planning, you will be able to follow all stages of the chain and have the structure to anticipate and react to changes in demand. This will optimize fulfillment with alternative sources of supply, maximize logistical and warehousing constraints, and improve inventory and service levels, giving you an agile and resilient operation to withstand downtime.

SAP Integrated Business Planning

Get the most out of your Supply Chain and meet demand in a resilient and agile way

Profitably meet future demand with the SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) cloud solution, which offers Supply Chain analytics, what-if simulations, alerts and more to help you stay ahead of change and increase the speed of answer.

It offers modules that combine S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning), forecast, demand, response, demand-based supply and replenishment, and inventory planning. Also, you can add integrations capable of increasing efficiency for your usage need.

  • Enhanced full visibility
  • Lower inventory levels while reducing costs​
  • Increased supply chain agility​
  • Stimulating revenue growth and expanding market share​
  • Balancing demand and supply and achieving financial goals​
  • Allow more profitable responses​
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SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Follow all stages of your Supply Chain in real time, being agile in corrective measures throughout the process

SAP APO is the most comprehensive supply chain planning software on the market. It supports and integrates all your SCM (Supply Chain Management) activities so you can have a clear picture of what is happening across your entire chain globally – and take corrective action quickly if necessary.

With it, you’ll have everything you need to balance supply and demand in today’s complex global economy. It can be integrated into your SAP ERP system, and you’ll have accurate information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

  • Improve supply and demand planning for internal and external supply chains
  • Get seamless integration with SAP ERP to access sales, material and other data
  • Increase forecast accuracy and minimize inventory buffers
  • Align medium to long-term demand plans with your overall supply capacity
  • Create optimized production plans for all your factories
  • Provide reliable sales order confirmation dates
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Sales Goals & Performance Management
by Exed Consulting

Maximize sales and boost revenue with our cutting-edge solution

Our solution integrates with SAP IBP for Supply Chain, leveraging historical demand data and marketing strategy to create sales plans and goals. With real-time feedback and analysis, it eliminates the lack of visibility into sales performance and helps companies achieve outcomes.

  • Streamline sales goal-setting with an intelligent allocation approach
  • Elevate sales performance through data-driven insights
  • Achieve a single source of truth for sales performance
  • Monitor and optimize sales trends
  • Automate goal-setting with streamlined waterfall decision-making
  • Personalize sales strategies with total visibility

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S&OP SmartPack
by Exed Consulting

A unique service to enhance SAP IBP

The S&OP SmartPack empowers SAP Integrated Business Planning. With advanced features, it optimizes business planning and operations processes. It is also compatible with non-SAP systems, offering flexibility and adaptability. Increase the efficiency and performance of your business with the S&OP SmartPack, gaining a strategic and integrated view for informed decision-making.

  • Up to BRL 3.2 billion in revenue
  • S&OP Optimization, Collaboration & Integration
  • 350 hours of delta or gaps
  • Univariate Forecast & Demand Review
  • Supply Time-Series Review and Optimization
  • Financial Review
  • Helpdesk & Application Management Services (AMS)
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