Exed AppHaus São Paulo

The first SAP AppHaus Network unit in Latin America, a space for collaborative innovation and design thinking, where multidisciplinary teams create customized digital solutions for clients using user-centered methods.

Design Thinking and Human-Centered Approach

Design Thinking and Architectural Thinking to create customized and sustainable solutions

A human-centered approach that combines Design Thinking and Architectural Thinking to create customized and sustainable solutions. Text: Our team adopts a human-centered approach to innovation, starting with Design Thinking and aiming to understand the true needs of end-users. During the design and iteration process, we integrate Design Thinking with Architectural Thinking to create a solution that is desirable in terms of experience, technologically feasible, and financially sustainable.

  • In-depth understanding of end-users’ needs
  • Creation of personalized and desirable solutions
  • Technological and financial feasibility
  • User-driven innovation
  • Continuous improvement and iteration

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Open Innovation

We apply the strategy of seeking external ideas and knowledge to drive innovation.

The best ideas and solutions often emerge outside the boundaries of our own organization. That’s why we actively seek partnerships and collaborations with a variety of external actors, such as clients, suppliers, startups, and universities. Through this exchange of knowledge and expertise, we expand our innovation capacity, driving the development of creative and disruptive solutions. We are committed to fostering an open environment conducive to idea sharing and co-creation, aiming to create significant value for our clients and society as a whole. Open Innovation is one of the paths we tread to drive innovation and maintain technological progress.

  • Access to external ideas and knowledge
  • Collaboration and resource sharing
  • Risk and cost reduction

Innovation Offering to Clients and Partners

We offer various types of engagement, from discovering innovation opportunities to delivering scalable solutions. We accompany your journey, regardless of the maturity level, providing a personalized and comprehensive experience.

01Explore Innovation to discover use cases

Uncover innovative use cases with high business value that meet the real needs of your end users and can be realized with digital technologies


1 to 2 days workshop with your key business and IT Experts to understand user needs leveraging SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation​


A combination of Design Thinking and Architecture Thinking Identifies real business challenges in your company which turn into innovation opportunities.​


A prioritized and evaluated list of use cases and/or business models. An understanding of how the uses cases can be realized with technology.​

02Design Innovation to prototype use cases​

Gain a deeper understanding of your use case and design, build and test a user-centric prototype​


Join project work together with end users, business and IT stakeholders to focus on one of the identified use cases. Extended end-user and market research, prototyping and testing takes place​


The design prototype ensures a viable, desirable and feasible to-be solution which is validated, accepted and signed-off with your end users, IT and business Stakeholders.​


A validated solution design proposal, an effort estimation for its realization, a proposed solution architecture and a software product roadmap.​

03Deliver Innovation to implement use cases​

Build and Implement a scalable solution for productive use.​


End-user testing, supporting go-live, running and scaling of the solution.​


Rapid time to market enabled trough end-to-end engagements provided by the SAP AppHaus Network.​


Go-live of the solution, ensuring a high user adoption rate and scalability.​

Use Cases

Some of the use cases and sessions we can propose to clients and partners, following the methodology adopted by the AppHaus Network.


Customer business challenge​

Customer innovation challenge​

Customer tech challenge​


How to move major customizations to the cloud?​

How to innovate the employee journey?​

How to innovate tracking & traceability?​


How to innovate the customer journey?​

How to innovate with digital logistics?​

How to innovate with digital supply chain?​

How to innovate with digital manufacturing?​


How to promptly move to S/4HANA using Intelligent Migration™?​

Run & Scale

Sales Goals Planning and Management

Control Tower for Logistics – V2

Inventory Workflow

UI Builder for Warehouse Devices

Mobile Sales Quota Management

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