Digital Backoffice Solutions

Incorporate digital technologies into your company's Backoffice. With cloud or on-premise solutions, you can integrate your company in an innovative way, within a single management and business planning system, and you will obtain operational gains that will improve your experience with your business stakeholders.


The ERP designed for all your business needs, in one place

SAP S/4HANA is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system designed for all business needs. It makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and analytics to give you present and future insights into your operation. You can run your core operations in real time and from anywhere. It can be cloud-based or integrated into your infrastructure (on-premises).

Its capabilities include finance, procurement, production, supply chain, sales, service, R&D, and asset management (EAM) and offer many benefits such as:

  • Industry-ready resources and best practices so the next transformative business is yours
  • Intelligent process automation and personalized insights so you can always decide and act immediately – anywhere
  • Full support to enable compliance with key regulations
  • Protecting SAP Applications and Data with Built-in Cybersecurity
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Take a leading role in your sector, in a world where innovating is ensuring success

RISE with SAP is an ERP cloud solution that delivers innovation and new business development by focusing on eliminating risk, generating new revenue streams and driving operational efficiencies so you can reinvest in growth and create competitive advantage.

It encompasses a business platform and analytics, using process intelligence and results-based services, taking into account the characteristics and practices of each sector.

  • Increase revenue by creating differentiated, industry-specific business models
  • Achieve more efficiency with intelligent automation across all critical processes
  • Manage sustainability with company-wide transparency and controls
  • Prioritize optimization opportunities with instant analysis of processes, activities and tasks
  • Run critical operations on a global scale
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SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

A Human Resources solution based on employee experience, focused on engagement and productivity

Through SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, also known as SAP HXM, the employee is placed at the heart of the HR strategy. The cloud-based solution is capable of connecting core Human Resources, payroll, talent management and personnel analytics functions into a single system.

In addition, you will offer your team a unique experience of connection, empowerment and support throughout the workday with the resources offered by the tool.

  • Drive employee engagement and productivity through meaningful, individualized experiences,
  • Create a future-ready workforce through skill development and agility,
  • Promote the continuous development of the team with equal opportunities for growth and improvements in well-being and in the parameters of diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I).
  • Securely address global compliance by managing the complexity of global and local regulations
  • Extend the strategic value of HR
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Mobile Sales Quota Management
by Exed Consulting

Manage sales quotas efficiently and strategically

Expand SAP S/4HANA for advanced ATP by identifying unconfirmed sales orders caused by quota shortages. Account managers can easily reallocate quotas within their portfolio or request additional quotas from workmate. The result is improved management, efficiency, and agility in the sales process.

  • Reduce bureaucracy and streamline processes
  • Maximize your quota management efficiency with our innovative tool
  • Approve or reject quotas with ease
  • Empower your sales team with managerial reports
  • Take control of quota management

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ERP SmartPack
by Exed Consulting

Boost your ERP with our add-on

Introducing Exed’s ERP SmartPack, an exclusive add-on package that enhances SAP’s ERP capabilities, including RISE with S/4HANA private cloud edition and S/4HANA private cloud edition. With advanced features, ERP SmartPack provides an enhanced experience in enterprise management, delivering greater efficiency and agility for your business. Seamlessly integrate with the SAP system and leverage powerful resources to drive productivity, make informed decisions, and achieve sustainable growth for your company.

  • 100 to 300 ERP Users (40 FUE Users)
  • ERP Finance & Logistics Implementation
  • 500 hours of delta or gaps
  • Third-Party Fiscal Solution (Avalara)
  • Tax Compliance & Legal Documents Implementation
  • Helpdesk & Application Management Services (AMS)
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