Service Sectors


Run more efficient offsite service operations – from service appointments to managing outages and emergencies. Our external service management solutions can help you improve customer satisfaction and reduce AI-based scheduling, planning and shipping costs. Take advantage of real-time analytics and reporting, mobile tools, automated invoicing, flexible workforce management, and more.

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Cargo Transport and Logistics

Seek new business models, from quote to receipt to seamless transactions, to thrive in the digital age. With digital supply chains, freight carriers reduce costs and increase revenue. Asset downtime can be cut in half with real-time analytics.

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Win in a 5G world with new business models, operational efficiencies and customer engagement. Deliver innovative services with low latency and redefine operations by digitizing platforms and internal processes. More than 75% of companies in the sector have already implemented a digital roadmap. More than 90% believe that digital transformation significantly affects customer engagement.

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Startups and Unicorns

Trend-setting companies also need to be aware of new trends to get ahead. The solutions are not restricted to more traditional companies. Startups and Unicorns are also served by solutions capable of positioning you as pioneers in digital transformation.

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