Energy and Natural Resources


We support chemical industries in their quest to reduce carbon emissions, to meet sustainability requirements, in order to achieve operational, economic and environmental benefits. As a result, you can see more than a 10% increase in revenue from new products by expanding your ecosystem and halving your overtime costs through greater adherence to the production plan.

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Get ahead of the new industry guidelines in the pursuit of accountability in resource provision and production automation. Fulfill the requirements of a sustainable company, collaborating with the environment and its stakeholders. As a result, your organization can see a greater than 10% reduction in maintenance, repair and operation inventory and a 15% decrease in unplanned downtime.

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Oil, Gas and Energy

Get the support you need to streamline and simplify your operations, becoming an Intelligent Company based on automated and sectorized services in the cloud, which allow access to the most appropriate information at the right time. With this, you can achieve an approximate 75% increase in your operating margin, through historical and prospective views of financial and operational performance.

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Energy and Utilities

Overcome the challenges and conquer the opportunities of industry transformation. From decarbonization to digitalization, we offer companies the chance to stand out with cloud solutions for energy management and utilities. Thus, your organization can achieve an improvement of up to 25% in equipment effectiveness.

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Pulp and Paper Industry

Know how to best deal with frequent supply shocks, rising costs and labor shortages. Be able to control paper transformation costs while ensuring on-time delivery to the customer – adapting quickly to acquire new suppliers and transport options as needed. So you can have a 35% reduction in your sales and operations planning cycle.

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