Discrete Production Industry

Automotive Sector

Drive new profitable and sustainable growth in the dynamic world of mobility with solutions for the automotive sector. Automakers, suppliers and dealerships are under intense pressure to transform their businesses and prepare for the future of mobility. You could be one of the 20% of organizations in the industry that can collect and analyze vehicle data to predict design, service, safety and operations outcomes.

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High Tech

Deliver limitless innovations and build a trusted brand with greater visibility and control. By 2025, we believe that high-tech companies will rely on subscription-based platforms and services to monetize intellectual property to deliver efficient and reliable products and deliver the customer-centric experiences customers expect. Its benefits can reach a 30% decrease in IT applications per billion in revenue for high-tech companies that have a platform infrastructure consolidation strategy in place.

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Industrial Production

Deliver individualized, sustainable and intelligent machinery and components at scale and as a service – with industrial production solutions. Industrial manufacturers are facing today's biggest challenge: profitable sustainability. You need to both reduce emissions in your own operations and supply chains, and offer products and services that help customers do the same. So your increase in production efficiency can reach 20% while your external services productivity can reach 40%.

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