Smart Technologies and Extensions

Exed is a consultancy specializing in SAP solutions. We have extensive experience in the development of integrations and extensions that increase and adapt the functionality of the tools to add even more value to your operation.
With our help, you can consistently use advanced technologies and adopt best practices in agile and integrated processes. You will have a Smart Enterprise in your hands, and you will see an increase in profitability, resilience and social, economic and environmental benefits.

SAP Business Technology Plataform

Custom and smart extensions for your specific needs

SAP BTP is a complete platform capable of aggregating data and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, integration and application development. Its artificial intelligence and integration capabilities make it easy and ensure that your applications work with the rest of your business’ technological infrastructure.

With our team’s ability to leverage SAP BTP, we can quickly create or adapt custom extensions that meet your specific needs. Each challenge can be overcome with the implementation of an integration capable of generating immediate results.

  • Own/adapt apps faster, automate processes and scale without limits.
  • Take business planning to the next level by connecting all people and plans.
  • Give data purpose with data and analytics solutions.
  • Connect and automate your processes across the enterprise.
  • Infuse artificial intelligence into your apps in a scalable and responsible way.
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Control Tower for Logistics
by Exed Consulting

The perfect solution to unify and track your end-to-end multimodal logistics

No more wondering where your loads are or if they will arrive on time. Control Tower for Logistics is an extension that gives you real-time tracking of all your orders and shipments so you always know what’s happening with your shipment.

Its interface features maps, graphs and other useful information to help you monitor your end-to-end logistics in real time. In addition, it provides additional features such as IoT, Machine Learning and Chatbot.

Control Tower for Logistics is an application developed by Exed Consulting using SAP BTP that is available on the SAP Store, and has integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP.

  • Increase the visibility of your Supply Chain, making your decision making even more effective, active event management, performance improvement and sophisticated analytics,
  • Streamline your responses to resolve disruptions and problems in the supply chain,
    Identify risks and opportunities to the logistics process, sending alerts to key stakeholders
  • Reduce costs and penalties by sharing information and reducing delivery time
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