Industy 4.0 & Asset Management

Be part of Industry 4.0 and improve the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing processes through automation and data exchange. Gain maximum integrity over your assets and leverage the performance of your physical assets using real-time insights, IoT, machine learning, mobility, and advanced, predictive analytics.

SAP Manufacturing Execution System

Digitizing production is a smart way to improve quality and efficiency and reduce costs

Through SAP MES, a Production Execution System solution, you can digitally monitor, automate and control your operations to enable individual batch production.

By digitizing production processes and integrating business systems using a cost-effective, high-quality, and resource-efficient methodology based on 4.0 technology, you can improve operational visibility with near-real-time information, increasing reliability and traceability of products, using solutions based on IoT (Internet of Things).

  • Manage and control production and shop floor operations using a single, centralized solution.
  • Reduce the need for manual data entry, increase accuracy and accelerate management processes through automated data collection.
  • Employ process rules, provide instructions and track defects to help ensure fail-safe production.
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SAP Enterprise Asset Management

Improve customer service and extend the life of your physical assets

SAP EAM, also known as Intelligent Asset Management, makes it possible to maintain the performance and health of physical assets with real-time insights, IoT, machine learning, mobility, and advanced, predictive analytics.

As a result, in addition to increasing asset life, you can improve customer service and add to the reliability and performance of your equipment with mobile access, online and offline.

  • Eliminate overhead and job processing delays to improve first-time resolution rates, customer satisfaction and business productivity.
  • Extend the life of your assets with guided workflows and timely processing of work and service orders, notifications, and asset and customer master data.
  • Enhance experiences with SAP Fiori UX for iOS, Android and Windows (planned for 2205) with a multi-process-specific feature set.
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