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10% off Opex for internal logistics

Solution: SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

Learn how CBA, one of the largest aluminum companies in Latin America, managed to achieve a 10% reduction in Opex for internal logistics and eliminate the use of paper in its warehouses, thanks to the Digital Logistics project with the implementation of SAP EWM carried out by Exed Consulting.

Project Challenges: Warehouse management of finished, semi-finished and raw materials

It is common for companies to face challenges such as managing high-volume warehouse operations and integrating complex supply chain logistics with their warehouse and distribution processes. This can interfere with risk levels of visibility and control. In the case of CBA, which has more than 30 warehouses, the specific challenge was managing warehouses for finished, semi-finished and raw materials.

How Exed Solved the CBA Challenge

Exed was chosen by the metallurgy company to lead the SAP Extended Warehouse Management implementation project, in a project that involved other fronts, such as the company’s ERP system (SAP ECC) and Yard Logistic.
Our team that led the process had experienced and qualified professionals, who needed 6 months to be successful and deliver to CBA the solution to the challenges that the company had been facing.
Throughout the project, it was already possible to observe the main business benefits, which were consolidated at the end, resulting in a 10% reduction in Opex for internal logistics and elimination of the use of paper in its warehouses.

Business Benefits

  • Improved material handling and allocation
  • Optimization in the management of yards, docks and resources
  • Inventory management automation
  • Automatic strategies for allocation and addressing (integration with barcode system)

And you, too, want to improve the efficiency of your warehouses, optimize the flow of materials